$1300 Car Repair Charity For Amazing Family

Sometimes people do incredible works in hopes of receiving praise. But others do the exact same work without any expectation of repayment. That was the case for the couple in this video, who spent tens of thousands of dollars to adopt two children with special needs from a Chinese orphanage. However, even though they didn’t advertise their works, they were noticed.

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And when they needed help, their community stepped up to help them.

The couple in the video spent five years trying to adopt a child. They saved up the money through a variety of fundraisers and through his job, but when the Great Recession hit, they had to put those plans on hold. Eventually, they were able to adopt one child, but then they found another child with the same health issues and immediately decided to adopt her as well, starting the whole process over again. Years later, they ended up with some financial struggles, and their car needed work.

An employee at the auto shop they were working with was aware of this and got in touch with the video creators, who paid all their bills and bought them a Wii for their children and a Walmart gift card for groceries. The couple, who had never expected any kind of payment for what they’d done for their children, was surprised and overwhelmed when they were presented with the gifts. They now don’t need to worry about paying for their car or how the car’s condition will impact their rates with auto insurance companies, among other things.

There will always be people who do charitable works without telling others. And many of those works will remain forever unknown because of this, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it’s what the giver wanted.

But other times, those works will become known throughout the giver’s community. People will learn what these people have done and are capable of doing for others. Their modesty will earn them respect and their deeds will earn them admiration. So when those people become the ones in need, their community will want to do something about it. That was exactly what happened here.

The couple didn’t ask for help with their car bill or their groceries. Instead, it was someone else who noticed that they needed assistance. And, remembering the good works they’d done, that person repaid them by bringing in someone who could help them in the same way that they’ve helped others.