Why Your Home Insurance May Require Regular Chimney Cleanings

Homeowners’ insurance is tricky because many variables are considered when determining valid and invalid claims. One of the most common questions homeowners have with regard to their home insurance is whether it covers chimney damage.
According to the narrator in this video, people should check their home insurance documentation to see the extent of chimney damage covered by their home insurance, but most of the time, it covers ‘Acts of God’, namely fire, hurricane, tornado, and wind damage.
However, people can also call their insurance provider to answer questions regarding home insurance and chimneys. One of the questions to ask is if the provider requires chimney sweeping and how often it should be done to qualify for damage repair.

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Insurance companies can mandate homeowners to undertake chimney sweeping because a dirty chimney can cause a fire. If the homeowner hadn’t done chimney cleaning, and it’s a requirement, they can’t claim compensation.
The best solution for homeowners is to approach a chimney cleaner to sweep their chimney. A chimney cleaner will remove creosote and soot, guaranteeing their chimney’s safety.