An Introduction to Bail

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When you are arrested and booked in jail, you may be able to get out by posting bail. If you can’t pay bail, you can get a family, friend, or 24/7 bail companies to help. This video explains how bail works.

After you are arrested and booked, you will go to court for your arraignment. The judge will set a bail amount based on the crime you are charged with and your background. The bail is a security deposit that ensures you will come back to court for your future court dates. If you show up to all of them, you will get the money back after you are sentenced.

If you cannot pay bail, you have a few options. One is to call family or friends who can cover it for you. You can also call a bail bondsman, any time of day. They will post your bail using a bond, and you will give them a small percentage of the bail as payment (this money won’t be returned).

You can also put valuables up for collateral. If you can’t afford bail but have a great car, you can use that as a bond. You will likely need to put up collateral with a bail bondsman, too.

For more information, check out the video in the link above.