Things To Know When Buying Mobile Home Insurance

In this video, discover the top things to know when buying mobile home insurance.

The mobile home investment market has been growing fast. In fact, it’s the number one hot commodity right now, and Insure One is over here to guide you.

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Join host, Michael, from Insure One as he explains what requirements make a mobile home.well a mobile home. A mobile home is as you predicted it a home that can be moved.

If you are interested in going into mobile homes or owning a mobile home park then you need to watch!
They will discuss the difference between owning a mobile home and owning a mobile park, and what type of insurance you need to be protected; including what coverage you will receive under each.

Did you know that over 60% of people pay too much for their insurance? As a bonus, Insure One is one of the leading mobile home insurance brokers in the country that work with over 20 insurance retailers to help hook you up with the best policy that will suit you.