Roof-Related Insurance Claims Explained

Roof-related damages are not an uncommon problem and can be devastating if allowed to worsen. Thankfully, understanding roofing claims is reasonably easy if you know what to expect. This in-depth video by Shine should help most people grasp a myriad of unique topics related to the complexities of this process and working with a roofing company.

First of all, you’ll learn why insurance companies utilize different rules for your coverage and the type of coverage you can purchase.

Video Source

Insurance claims are different for roofs because they are so prone to severe damage, a problem this video highlights by quoting a very troubling statistic.
This statistic finds that 40 percent of all homeowner claims involve the roof in some way. As a result, they often limit what they’ll cover based on your policy. Thankfully, replacement cost coverage will help to pay for replacing your roof and performing any repairs that may need to be done to keep it strong.

The second type you may possess is actual cash value, a policy that will pay you only the value of your roof, not the total replacement cost. Thankfully, terms like “deductibles” and “premiums” are the same with roofing claims as they are with any other type of policy.