Do You Know What Insurance Adjusters Actually Do

Whenever you need to file a claim with your insurance company, chances are, you will meet up with an insurance adjuster. Chris Stanely of the YouTube channel Adjuster TV explains the duties of an insurance adjuster.

Insurance claims adjusters are like detectives in cases that involve insurance.

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They gather evidence in a variety of ways, such as climbing onto roofs to look for damage, studying copies of police reports, or interviewing witnesses to a car crash. Depending on the type of insurance adjuster they are, they can work entirely inside an office or go out into the field. They argue with insurance companies, even insurance companies they work for, to change the settlement amount.

Insurance claims adjusters work for insurance companies, but they can also be independent agents that insurance companies hire. There are public insurance adjusters that work for the customers of insurance companies. These customers can be businesses or individuals. If you get an offer from an insurance company that you think is way too low, then you will need to hire an insurance adjuster to make your case for a higher settlement. Public insurance claims adjusters get paid from a percentage of whatever you get from the insurance company.