Common Questions About Qualifying for Medicaid

If you are wonderign about the process of qualifying for Medicaid and need to know about the income, watch this video. Here is some more information on the common questions with Medicaid.

1. What Is Medicaid?
Medicaid is a state and federal government health care program for people with low incomes.

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It provides low-cost or free health care to:

Low-income adults
Low-income families and children
People with disabilities
Certain older adults who use Medicare

States have different rules to decide who’s eligible for Medicaid. You may be eligible if: You’re disabled. Your state may let you use Medicaid no matter how much money you make in a year. In other states, a disabled person may only qualify for Medicaid when their income falls below a cutoff level. You already get Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In the majority of states, SSI eligibility automatically qualifies you for Medicaid unless your state uses more strict criteria. Those states are commonly called 209(b) states. You don’t make much money during a year. The rules are different in each state.

How Do I Find a Doctor Who Takes Medicaid?
You can usually look up doctors on your state’s Medicaid web site. Or call the number on the site to talk with someone about finding a provider. Usually, Medicaid is administered by a private insurance company. In this case, call your insurer or look on its web site to find a participating provider.