Can Homeowners Insurance Companies Drop You?

Any homeowner needs to understand that there’s a chance their home insurance company could drop them. The Youtube video “Can Home Insurance Companies Drop You?” has all the information you need to understand why this could happen. Let’s find out more!

While homeowners insurance companies can drop some clients, it doesn’t happen just like that. However, you do have to consider this possibility before you get any policy.

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The insurance company can drop you for any number of reasons, especially because most have a 60-day underwriting period, which allows them to back out. However, most don’t do it because, by that point, they had already decided to accept you.

Homeowners insurance companies send an inspector to your house to assess the risks before they can offer you a policy. If they see things such as trash on the ground, fridges in the yard, etc., they could reject you because you’re not a good homeowner. Additionally, if your home is older, they’ll ask about the plumbing, the furnaces, and more. If there’s something they don’t like, they won’t offer you any deal.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about how homeowners insurance companies can let you go.